Forwards Centre Local Governing Body

Suzanne Halliwell - Chair of Governors

Start date: 16/7/2019 - End date: 15/7/2023, Appointed by Trustees

Has worked as an artist in education for over 25 years. Experience in social media marketing and is a business development manager for a business to business networking group. Suzanne is passionate about promoting creativity and positive communication and has worked with the Forwards Centre for five years in this capacity.

Chris Fielding

Start date: 1/4/2016

Chris is the Academy Lead at the Forwards Centre

Lynn Williams

Appointed: 1 April 2016/Re-appointed 1st April 2020 - Term ends: 31st March 2024

An experienced headteacher within the Primary education sector, with specialisms in data management and ensuring progress for disadvantaged pupils.

Jenny Scott

Start date: 16/7/2019 - End date: 15/7/2023, Appointed by Trustees

Jenny is a teacher at St Peters CE Primary School and has been teaching at the school for over 12 years. She originally qualified at Edge Hill University with a degree Primary Education with QTS and Children’s Development and Learning.

Carlene Fernside

Start date: 16/7/2019 - End date: 15/7/2023, Appointed by Trustees

Carlene is the Head of Inclusion for a Bolton Secondary School and also a designated teacher for looked after children who has delivered Continuous Professional Development to staff and other schools in relation to the role of the teaching assistant.

Damian Mills

Start date: 07/11/2017 - End date: 06/11/2021, Appointed by staff

Damian represents Trust employees and works at the Forwards Centre

Liz Douglas

Start date: 16/7/2019 - End date: 15/7/2023, Appointed by Trustees

Liz is a parent who has combined her knowledge of street and business experience to create and support social entrepreneurs across the Country to develop their social business models.

Sara O'Byrne

Start date 26/01/2022 - End date: 25/01/2026

A parent of one of the Forwards Centre's pupils

Deborah Louise Crier

Start date: 07/03/2022 - End date: 06/03/2026, Appointed by Trustees

Ben Wilson

Start date: 07/02/2022 - End date: 06/02/2026, Appointed by Trustees

Kelly Shacklady

Start date: 04/02/2022 - End date: 03/02/2026, Appointed by Trustees

I am the vocational studies lead for the trust, working with others to ensure high standards are met in all our vocational subjects. I also teach hair and beauty across the trust and support our careers lead in ensuring that all our pupils meet the Gatsby benchmarks and source appropriate post 16 destinations.

Matthew Rayner

Start date: 19/05/2022 - End date: 18/05/2026, Appointed by Trustees

Forwards Centre LGB Minutes

Primary Local Governing Body meetings

Please see below details of Governor attendance at meetings for 2019-2020 for the Forwards Centre. 

Governor attendance at meetings 

Please see details below of the Pecuniary Interests for the Governors of the Forwards Centre 

Pecuniary Interests 2020-2021

Governor Term Expired 

Vicky Byrne - end date 15/11/2021

Kirsty Smith - end date 15/11/2021

Charlene Parkinson - end date 14/11/2021

Joanne Blackburn - end date 01/02/21