Curriculum Overview at Lever Park Academy


Our intent at Lever Park is to give the best quality of education for all our pupils depending on their individual needs and experiences. To provide a positive destination post 16 is arguably the most important outcome we ensure for the families and pupils we serve.

Our curriculum is bespoke to ensure we are meeting the needs of every pupil. Our curriculum is based upon a Phase 1 and Phase 2 developmental model.

Phase 1- The social and emotional development of each child. Ensuring that they have the personal and emotional skills to access, engage and progress inside and outside of the academy.  

Phase 2- The academic development of each child. To ensure they have the appropriate qualifications to access their desired post 16 opportunities.

Phase 1 is a measure of social development targets from the children’s individual EHC plans. A terms progress could be demonstrated in an attendance increase, behaviour improvement, having the correct uniform or improving how to respond when given an instruction.

Phase 2 works hand in hand with Phase 1 and plots the academic progress in all subjects from Maths and English to Art and Design Technology.

Each pupils has a wide range of subjects in their timetable (please see curriculum policy). Our curriculum is flexible, balanced and appropriate to each pupil. With Phase 1 and Phase 2 working simultaneously, we academic progression and positive social development.

Pupils undertake a variety of enrichment activities that aim to develop their social skills, build self-confidence and prepare them for adult life. These include taking part in activities that:

  • build on their knowledge of how to keep safe, personal safety, in and around society.
  • will promote a healthy lifestyle, which will include healthy eating, how to keep physically healthy and physically fit, and also mental health awareness
  • promote good economic wellbeing, preparing for their future 16 destination. Pupils will also be encourage to be independent learners and thinkers, preparing for life outside of Lever Park.
  • are design to promote better self-esteem and confidence as well as ensuring that pupils enjoy activities and achieve their full potential


Our curriculum offer changes to meet the needs of the pupil, it builds upon previous learning, fills gaps that may have been missed and is delivered to engage and enthuse. A blend of academic subjects, vocational qualifications, enrichment activities, social development time, virtual on-line learning, PE, PSHE are delivered within our Lever Park values of unconditional positive regard and achievement for all.