Bolton Impact Trust Equality Objectives 2021


The Bolton Impact Trust is a diverse organisation, where people from many different backgrounds and cultures work together. The Trust, its academies and its partners have a longstanding commitment to celebrating this diversity, promoting good relations between our diverse communities, and ensuring that its services are appropriate and accessible for everyone.

We are committed to improving equality and the objectives below set out our focus as a trust and within each individual academy.

The trust objectives arch across each academy and the academy objectives reflect their individual needs and priorities.

Bolton Impact Trust Equality Objectives 2021



How will we know it has been achieved  


By December 2021 to have undertaken an analysis of recruitment data and trends (including governors and trustees) regarding race, gender and disability to give us a better contextual understanding of staffing across the trust an identify areas where we may be underrepresented.  

A review will have taken place.


Underrepresentation (if any) will have been identified.


Governors and trustees will have been updated with the findings.

By February 2022 ensure all staff involved in recruitment and selection have completed equal opportunity and non-discrimination training. 


A central log will be in place detailing the training under taken by staff involved in recruitment.


Staff will demonstrate a better understanding of equal opportunities.

Develop a standard equality-training package that will be delivered to all staff across the trust to build their understanding of equality issues and improve their confidence to champion equality, diversity and inclusion for pupils, staff and parents. Training to be completed summer term 2022 with an evaluation by July 2022. 


Training package will be in place.


All staff will have attended the training.


Evaluation data will show 90%+ staff feel they have a better understanding.



Bolton Impact Trust Equality Objectives 2021




How will we know it has been achieved  



Park School


To Adopt elements of the ‘Black Curriculum’ through purchasing a diverse resource bank of literary material, including literature books and academic texts to promote valuing diversity and inclusion.



Purchase diverse material for pupil use in each classroom.




Park School

To extend extracurricular activities to incorporate visits to culturally diverse landmarks that promote and reflect the curriculum teaching.


Enrichment sessions to include trips that reflect Black Curriculum learning.


Lever Park


To ensure we meet the needs of the growing number of pupils with ASD by further developing our nurture provision.


All pupils have access with the appropriate classroom provision.


Lever Park


Continue to develop the curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the changing population at Lever Park e.g. increase in female pupils. To ensure an equality in curriculum opportunities for all pupils.

Pupil voice activities demonstrates pupils feel a sense of equality within curriculum opportunities.


Curriculum intent shows a range of curriculum opportunities.


Lever Park



Pupils to have an increased cultural awareness and understanding of diversity within Bolton.

Enrichment books will demonstrate a range of experiences.

The curriculum planning will reflect diversity and cultural awareness.


Pupil voice with demonstrate pupils have a greater understanding of diversity within Bolton.


Lever Park



To continue to break down barriers with parents and guardians who have had negative experiences with education.

Parent voice reports positive experiences.


Increase in parental involvement e.g. parent’s evenings etc.


Forwards Centre


By Sep 22, ensure our curriculum is designed so that pupils are not disadvantaged by entering or leaving at different times of the year. Ensure that we comply with our duties in both the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014 by providing a curriculum that is accessible for those with disabilities or SEN, including those children with SEMH needs.

The Forwards Centre curriculum has been structured to allow each pupil to have individual learning objectives for each subject area, has been taught in a way that matches their needs and the time and space to experience the joy of learning new things at a pace that suits them.

Forwards Centre



We take full advantage of the opportunities available to provide educational visits that are accessible to all pupils.

All children have the equality of opportunity to access educational visits.

Forwards Centre



Investigate funding to improve access to the playground via a ramp/platform lift to ensure that the building meets statutory access requirements.


The playground is accessible by wheelchair from the Forwards Centre

Youth Challenge

To work with the Local Authority in ensuring the building is as accessible for all as feasibly possible.

To ensure the accessibility policy is updated by September 2021, with all the actions discussed with the LA included.

Youth Challenge

To create an environment here at Youth Challenge which welcomes, protects and champions respect for all.

March 2022 – through a learning walk by an external visitor, the report will highlight how the environment is welcoming, it protects and champions respect for all.

Youth Challenge

At Youth Challenge, we are committed to ensuring an equality of curricular opportunities for all our pupils irrespective of the time of their admission, the reasons for their admission or their length of their stay by having a core offer for all our pupils across all Key Stages.

Primary – December 2021 – a core offer for all pupils attending irrespective of time, length or reasons for admission for PSHCE will be in place.

Youth Challenge

To address cultural events through assemblies, event days and the curriculum to prepare our children for a life in a diverse society.

Updated cultural capital diary of events– September 2021

Updated cultural capital policy for the year 21/22

July 2022 – All planned activities are included in all key stage curriculum plans.

Youth Challenge

To play an important role in the community, fostering good relations is a central part of our work to build community and social cohesion in the local area. To continue to build positive relationships with parents especially the parents who have been marginalised by previous education providers.

Engaging effectively with our communities through outside agency and community voice in order for us to understand the issues which are of importance to our communities.

Our equality objectives are our commitment to ensuring equality across the Bolton Impact Trust is outlined in our equality policy which can be found by following the link below

Equality Policy