The Forwards Centre

The Forwards centre is an Alternative Provision Academy working with KS1 and KS2 pupils. We offer both full-time places and part-time places. Our work is based around a set of key principles: 

  • We will help you understand your emotions and try never to put you in a situation that will make you anxious or distressed.
  • We will help you understand that learning new things means trying hard and making lots of mistakes and send you home each day with a new set of genuine, positive, happy memories.
  • We will help you build relationships and make friends.
  • We will provide a kind, understanding place where you feel accepted and safe enough to make long lasting, positive changes to your life. 

Our full-time offer:

  • Full-time alternative provision for primary aged pupils experiencing difficulties in their mainstream schools because of their social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) needs. The majority of pupils have been excluded or have been at serious risk of exclusion from their mainstream school. 
  • Pupils are aged from Y1 to Y6 and typically spend a period in the centre before either returning to mainstream education or moving on to specialist provision.
  • A broad and engaging primary curriculum
  • Thorough academic baselining to ensure that each child receives an individualised core maths/English programme of work.
  • Each child will also receive individualised provision based on all the professional advice available. 
  • As one of the services working with a child, we engage fully with any multi-agency work and provide written information in support of any applications or submissions made by schools. 

What Ofsted Said? The Forwards Centre is a calm, friendly and welcoming school where pupils develop a love of learning. Pupils often arrive in school with previous negative experiences of education. This is soon forgotten as pupils develop confidence in themselves and trust in the staff and the school.  

Our part-time offer:

  • The Bridge at the Forwards Centre offers part-time alternative provision. Pupils are dual registered and attend the centre two days a week and their mainstream school for three days a week. 
  • The provision is for KS2 pupils and adopts an early intervention model of support to enable children to remain successfully in their mainstream school setting wherever possible. 
  • Placements are typically one or two terms with the goal of returning pupils to their mainstream school full-time, or to support the transition to appropriate specialised provision. Bridge staff support part-time pupils in their mainstream schools on Friday. 

What Ofsted Said? The quality of teaching and learning is outstanding. Leaders and staff have worked very successfully to ensure that barriers to learning are broken down. Staff share leaders’ ambitions and belief in the power of education to transform lives.