What is Who's In Charge?


A 9 week programme for parents/carers who are experiencing child to parent violence, whether it’s physical, emotional or financial.  (Aimed at children aged 6 – 19 years old).

This is a free programme for Bolton Impact Trust parents/carers, there is a cost for the programme for outside referrals, please refer to the WIC leaflet on our website for further details. The programme is currently held at the Forwards Centre, delivered by Elaine Lord-Waugh and accompanied by another facilitator, Sara O’Byrne who is a parent governor for the Forwards Centre.  Sara attended the WIC Programme as a parent in 2023 and felt that the programme empowered her to take back her control in the home.  The experience of the programme has made her passionate about supporting other parents/carers facing child to parent violence.

The programme is held in a group with parents/carers (NOT children) who are all experiencing the same issues.

The aims of the Who’s in Charge? Program are:

  • To reduce parent’s feelings of isolation
  • To challenge parent’s feelings of guilt
  • To create belief in the possibility of change
  • To clarify boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • To examine strategies for creating meaningful and practical consequences for unacceptable behaviour
  • To reinforce progress and provide emotional support while they attempt to become more assertive parents
  • To explore anger, both the children’s and parent’s
  • Self-care and assertiveness
  • It is expected that parents will feel less depressed and powerless by the end of the course
  • It is hoped that the amount of violence and abusive behaviour will decrease in a majority of families

The programme was created by Eddie Gallagher who was a trained Psychologist Social Worker and Therapist.  Eddie Gallagher had 40 years worth of experience working with children and families who were faced with child to parent violence.


To register your interest please contact your child's academy to complete a WIC referral form.  For any other queries contact Elaine Lord-Waugh either by email lorde@boltonimpacttrust.org.uk or mobile 07377 368 761


Please see below WIC leaflet for details and prices:

Who's In Charge