The Bolton Impact Trust currently provides the following pupil services, for more detailed information on the individual Academy please see our Trust Information Brochure. 





Youth Challenge  KS3 & 4 Provision Medium to long term provision for students who are permanently excluded and short term support for those at risk of permanent exclusion. Prices start from £120/day 
Lever Park  Secondary Full Time SEMH Provision

Full time Secondary education for pupils with EHCPs.


Prices start from £120/day 
Park School Teaching Service

KS3 & 4 Medical Provision

KS3 & 4 Provision 

Full time education at KS3 & KS4 leading to GCSEs and other external examinations. 

Therapeutic and mindfulness sessions for students who are not ready to access full time education.

Prices start from £120/day 
The Forwards Centre 

KS1 & 2 Provision

Short Term places for pupils excluded or at risk of exclusion from school. 

Behaviour assessment and intervention support.

Prices start from £120/day 

Please contact the Academy Lead for more information on our pupil services.


Academy Lead

Contact Number


Forwards Centre

Chris Fielding

01204 333660

Youth Challenge 

Viki Sutton

01204 333872

Park School

Gareth Webb

01204 937115

Lever Park

Matthew Taylor

01204 332666