A Warm welcome to Lever Park.

Our aim here at Lever Park is to provide an environment where our pupils are supported to be “the best they can be.” We walk every step of the journey with our pupils, guiding, supporting, challenging but most importantly celebrating every achievement.

We aim to inspire every young person to acquire the knowledge, skills and experience to fulfil their true potential. Developing self-esteem, building resiliency and confidence are major goals for us in preparing our pupils for post 16 destinations and life outside of Lever Park.

All pupils at Lever Park require an Education Health Care plan, this is central in designing a bespoke timetable of social and emotional development, mental health well-being and academic progression.

The SEN prescriptive measures of support identified for each child are eminent in the classroom and break down the barriers to learning. We give every child, every opportunity to progress and feel success. Classrooms ratios are 8 pupils to 3 staff, with a wide and balanced curriculum offer of vocational and enrichment activities to compliment the academic. The social and emotional support, behaviour modification, engagement and raising of aspirations are fundamental pillars in our curriculum, these run parallel and have equal importance to our academic curriculum.

At Lever Park every pupil gets a fresh start and feels part of our positive community, highly trained staff create a calm environment where our pupils feel safe and achieve.

We believe strongly that good communication and working together is a major factor in addressing the needs of the pupils. Parents/carers and external agencies play a huge role in decision making and planning, when all work together real impact and progression is seen in pupil development.

Our motto of “Ready, Respectful and Safe” is central in everyday life for all at Lever Park, our pupils take the lessons learned here into their own communities and homes, we ensure they are equipped and prepared for life beyond Lever Park.

I look forward to meeting you all in what is an exciting journey for us all at Lever Park.

Matthew Taylor
Academy Lead - Lever Park Academy