Youth Challenge predominantly serves the children of Bolton who have been permanently excluded from school and a small number of students who have been placed with us directly from their mainstream school to work as an intervention to reduce the risk of permanent exclusion. For KS3 we aim to be a short stay provision with the goal of returning students to mainstream school or an appropriate specialised provision. In some cases, students remain with us through KS4.  At Youth Challenge we strive to ensure that all of our students feel valued, know how to keep safe and have the skills needed for an independent future.


Our Vision

At Youth Challenge we ensure that all of our students feel valued by celebrating them as individuals.  We offer a fresh start to students who have previously made some poor choices and have often experienced adversity.  Through our child centred approach and the genuine warmth from our staff team, we guarantee that every child who walks through the door knows and feels that they are welcome, valued and cared for.  Through our diverse curriculum, we educate our students to respect and value those close to them, their community, the wider environment and to understand and celebrate the differences that all individuals bring.

Youth Challenge students leave us with the knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe.  They are encouraged to think about the wider consequences of actions and are taught how and where to seek support when they need it.  Our academy is a safe haven for our students and safeguarding our young people underpins everything that we do.

Youth Challenge students leave with the knowledge and skills required for a fulfilling independent life.  Careers is weaved throughout our curriculum and we offer opportunities to experience employer encounters, work experience linked to industries that our children may not previously have considered.  At KS4, our curriculum option subjects have clear industry links and present opportunities to gain experience and qualifications that will open to door to further training and careers.  We dedicate time to character development and work to build students’ resilience, communication skills and problem solving ability to become self-sufficient adults who contribute positively to society.