Welcome to Park School Teaching Service. We provide pupil-centred education which is specifically adapted to meet the needs of every individual child.

Children with very severe physical and mental health illnesses may need to be taught at home before they acquire the skills or make the necessary recovery to take the next steps along their learning path.

Experienced teachers will provide face-to-face teaching and remote learning to assess, plan and deliver the education each child requires.

Alongside the teachers, experienced mentors will provide additional support to help improve emotional intelligence and resilience preparing each child for the next steps.

This could involve a gradual reintegration to mainstream following an individually tailored support package, transition to The Roscow Fold Centre in Breightmet for more academic learning, or a placement in our Wellbeing Centre for a more therapeutic focus.

The aim of The Wellbeing Centre is to enable the most vulnerable pupils to access learning at their own individual pace. Experienced staff assess learning, social and emotional needs and deliver whatever help is necessary to remove the barriers to learning.

The Roscow Fold Centre provides full time education for key stage 3 and 4 pupils enabling them to obtain external qualifications and supporting them into post 16 provision. The curriculum covers both academic subjects and enrichment activities and pupils are supervised at all times. The timetable is extremely flexible allowing children to access as little or as much as their health will allow. Quality First teaching, small group sizes (max 10), learning mentor support and qualified, experienced staff all work together with parents, children and external professionals to ensure the correct package is in place for every child. This is reviewed and amended on a weekly basis.

Additional assessments and/or Interventions are put in place quickly to provide appropriate academic or pastoral support as soon as the need is identified. Specialist support from other qualified professionals is sought when necessary.

The very high staff to pupil ratio, the strong focus on nurture  and the early identification of children’s needs by qualified, experienced staff all enable Park School Teaching Service to provide every child with the opportunity to fulfil their learning aspirations, achieving GCSEs and other accreditation, whilst raising self-belief and developing life skills to fully prepare them for the future.

Kiran Peart

Academy Lead – Park School Teaching Service