The Forwards Centre curriculum uses the national curriculum as a basis. The intent is to ensure that the content is relevant, effective and motivates pupils to do well. It is well tailored to the individual needs of the pupils, promotes success and re-engages excluded pupils with learning and aims to help pupils acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills they will need to be successful as they re-engage with education.

Our curriculum is designed so that pupils are not disadvantaged by entering or leaving at different times of the year and our intent is to comply with our duties in both the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014 by providing a curriculum that is accessible for those with disabilities or SEN, including those children with SEMH needs. Children are taught using a variety of teaching and learning methods ensuring accessibility to the curriculum. This includes sensory breaks and staff trained in working with children with social, emotional and mental health needs, ADHD and those on the autistic spectrum. Every child has individual learning targets which are closely monitored and regularly reviewed. Every child is educated in small classes (Keys Stage 1 – 6 children, Key Stage 2 – 9 children). Every child has a key worker anticipating and meeting individual pupil needs. Centre data is analysed to ensure that group trends are identified. Advice is sought and we work collaboratively with educational psychology, SEN and disability agencies to ensure pupils receive appropriate support and provision. We take full advantage of the opportunities available to provide educational visits that are accessible to all pupils. 

Children are given opportunities to develop musical, physical and artistic learning to inspire a sense of purpose and identity. This contributes well to pupils’ behaviour and welfare, including their physical, mental and personal well-being and our cultural offer aims to give children the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens with an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.