Job Title 

Staff Name 


Academy Lead 

Mr M Taylor 

Deputy Head/ Safeguarding Lead 

Ms D France 

Deputy Head - Quality of Education Mrs M Smith

Assistant Academy Lead 

Mr J Kirkham 

Pupil Support/Exams Manager/SEND Lead

Mrs A Whitehead 


Teacher of Maths & Key Stage 4 Lead Mr D Prendergast 
Teacher of Maths  Miss H Howard 

Teacher of Design Technology 

Mr A Parziale 

Teacher of Art 

Mrs S Mercer

Teacher of English Mrs R Ramsay
Teacher Mrs A McGuinn
Teacher  Miss F Gulshan
Teacher Miss R Cairns
Teacher Mr M Suleman
Teacher Mr S Karakitsios
Teacher Ms K Clough

Support Staff 

Lead Learning Mentor 

Miss K Roskell

Lead Learning Mentor 

Mrs N Morris-Oliver 

Lead Learning Mentor 

Mrs J Barlow 

Lead Learning Mentor/Therapy Farm Miss O Fay 
Lead Learning Mentor Vocational  Mr B Heaton 
Learning Mentor  Miss A  Atherton

Learning Mentor 

Mr J Beaven 

Learning Mentor 

Miss L Brooks 

Learning Mentor 

Mrs K Collins 

Learning Mentor 

Mrs A Leigh

Learning Mentor 

Mr A Dixon 

Learning Mentor/Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Howarth 

Learning Mentor 

Ms D Hickman 

Learning Mentor/Behaviour Improvement Team 

Mr R Jones 

Learning Mentor 

Mrs E Mckenna 

Lead Learning Mentor 

Mr T McManus 

Learning Mentor 

Mrs L Moore 

Learning Mentor 

Mrs S Westaway 

Learning Mentor Miss D Worrall
Learning Mentor  Mrs V Kendrick
Learning Mentor Mr A Jones
Learning Mentor Miss S Blyzniuk
Learning Mentor Miss J Leigh
Learning Mentor Miss D Bleakley
Learning Mentor Miss K Stones
Learning Mentor Mr B Morrison
Learning Mentor Mrs K Taylor
Learning Mentor Miss N Fitton
Learning Mentor Miss Z Lomas

General Assistant 

Mrs H Beeby 

Administration Staff 

Office Supervisor 

Miss T Nicholls 

Office Receptionist  Miss A Capparelli
Office Administrator  Mrs K Mann
Temporary Administrator Mrs M Cornwell