Referrals are made from the following;

  • Head Teacher/Lead professional on Early Help from  the pupils school
  • Children’s Services
  • Hospital Consultants
  • Health Professionals
  • Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

Broad guidance for referral is as follows:

  • Students who have a medical condition which makes full time attendance at school impossible and for whom the mainstream school/other agencies are unable to make suitable alternative provision.
  • Students for whom there are serious concerns about their psychological, emotional, and/or social well-being and where there is medical intervention in place.
  • Students who are particularly anxious, leading to school phobia/non-attendance AND who it is felt would benefit from Park School Teaching Service.

The initial contact may be an informal enquiry by telephone to discuss the student concerned.  The Academy Lead at Park School Teaching Service will explore the background to this informal referral and will give advice accordingly.Based upon this advice, the referring school may or may not choose to make a formal written referral. All referrals must be submitted on the Early Help form and have supporting medical evidence.

Admissions are based on a child meeting the above criteria, actions taken by the school prior to the decision to refer, AND suitability of placement, both in respect of the needs of the young person being referred and the needs of the other young people already at the school.

Places are commissioned by the Local Authority in which the child resides or by the school in the form of traded places.