Pupils at Lever Park will be supplied with a Sweatshirt and Polo Shirt. All Pupils at Lever Park must always wear the following:

  • Bolton Impact Trust logo – Navy blue sweatshirt
  • Bolton Impact Trust logo – Grey polo shirt
  • Plain black or dark trousers/tracksuit bottoms
  • Any dark sensible shoes or trainers
  • Outdoor coat

Caps and hoodies are not allowed to be worn within the school and classrooms. Your child may wear these at break times only.

PE kits are supplied, laundered and kept by Lever Park.

Please keep jewellery to a minimum, pupils may wear a watch, one pair of stud earrings, and any items relating to the student’s religion.

Personal Belongings

Parents/Carers should note that school cannot accept liability for the loss or damage of personal property. Your child may hand any personal belongings into the school office or to any member of staff for safe keeping while on site.