Lever Park Equality Objectives 2021-22


Lever Park is part of the Bolton Impact Trust and as a trust we are a diverse organisation, where people from many different backgrounds and cultures work together. The Trust, including Lever Park, and its partners have a longstanding commitment to celebrating this diversity, promoting good relations between our diverse communities, and ensuring that its services are appropriate and accessible for everyone.

We are committed to improving equality and the objectives below set out our individual needs and priorities at Lever Park. The Trust equality objectives can be found on the trust section of our website. 


Bolton Impact Trust Equality Objectives 2021




How will we know it has been achieved  



Lever Park


To ensure we meet the needs of the growing number of pupils with ASD by further developing our nurture provision.


All pupils have access to appropriate classroom provision that meets their needs.


Lever Park


Continue to develop the curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of the changing population at Lever Park e.g. increase in female pupils. To ensure an equality in curriculum opportunities for all pupils.

Pupil voice activities demonstrates pupils feel a sense of equality within curriculum opportunities.


Curriculum intent shows a range of curriculum opportunities.


Lever Park



Pupils to have an increased cultural awareness and understanding of diversity within Bolton.

Enrichment books will demonstrate a range of experiences.


The curriculum planning will reflect diversity and cultural awareness.


Pupil voice with demonstrate pupils have a greater understanding of diversity within Bolton.


Lever Park



To continue to break down barriers with parents and guardians who have had negative experiences with education.

Parent voice reports positive experiences.


Increase in parental involvement e.g. parent’s evenings etc.