Forwards Centre Equality Objectives 2021-22

The Forwards Centre is part of the Bolton Impact Trust and as a trust we are a diverse organisation, where people from many different backgrounds and cultures work together. The Trust, including the Forwards Centre, and its partners have a longstanding commitment to celebrating this diversity, promoting good relations between our diverse communities, and ensuring that its services are appropriate and accessible for everyone.

 We are committed to improving equality and the objectives below set out our individual needs and priorities at the Forwards Centre. The Trust equality objectives can be found on the trust section of our website. 

Bolton Impact Trust Equality Objectives 2021




How will we know it has been achieved  


Forwards Centre


By Sep 22, ensure our curriculum is designed so that pupils are not disadvantaged by entering or leaving at different times of the year. Ensure that we comply with our duties in both the Equality Act 2010 and the Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Regulations 2014 by providing a curriculum that is accessible for those with disabilities or SEN, including those children with SEMH needs.

The Forwards Centre curriculum has been structured to allow each pupil to have individual learning objectives for each subject area, has been taught in a way that matches their needs and the time and space to experience the joy of learning new things at a pace that suits them.

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We take full advantage of the opportunities available to provide educational visits that are accessible to all pupils.

All children have the equality of opportunity to access educational visits.

Forwards Centre

Investigate funding to improve access to the playground via a ramp/platform lift to ensure that the building meets statutory access requirements.

The playground is accessible by wheelchair from the Forwards Centre