I am very proud to be the Academy Lead of the Personal Learning Centre, part of the Bolton Impact Trust.

Our school is based in a Grade II Listed building on the outskirts of Bolton Town Centre. We offer Key Stage 4 education to students who are struggling to manage in a mainstream school and who require a small, nurturing setting with a key focus on pastoral care and well-being.

Our cohort of young people is typically  made up of students who are:

  • Anxious and unable to access mainstream education, but without medical diagnosis
  • Vulnerable with low self-esteem and low resiliency
  • Struggling to maintain relationships with peers
  • Pregnant or a young mum
  • Requiring a small and nurturing setting with high levels of pastoral support

We provide an intelligence-led personalised curriculum for each student, focusing on bridging the gaps in learning, building self-confidence and resilience, and preparing students for the next steps along their education or employment journey.

Students can study up to 9 GCSEs or equivalent qualifications delivered by experienced mainstream teachers who are adept at delivering their subjects in a condensed fashion, which ensure that all the key assessment objectives are delivered in the short time that they may have with a student. Our examination results are consistently very good.

Students are taught in small classes and one to one sessions are offered to students requiring extra targeted support in a particular skill or subject.

Our strong pastoral care ensures that all of our students are helped to overcome any barriers they have to learning. We are committed to enabling students to flourish and improve their self-esteem and mental health. We offer regular access to a counsellor and regularly monitor and profile students’ mental well-being. Any issues are tackled quickly and effectively.

In our last Ofsted Inspection in 2019, the Inspectors noted, ‘You and your team provide excellent support for pupils who have various needs, including emotional and social issues, as well as pregnancy and maternity. At The Personal Learning Centre, they find a welcoming and secure environment that enables them to blossom.’