21 June 2022

Image of Lever Park Academy Lead to speak at the House of Lords

Lever Park Academy has worked with the Digital poverty alliance (DPA) through and after the Covid epidemic. The DPA is a government backed charity who provides ICT hardware for teachers. The DPA has been able to provide free lap tops for teachers in school, this has been very generous and much appreciated. Needless to say, this can only help in teaching and learning of all at Lever Park.

As a result the DPA has asked Lever Park Academy Lead Matthew Taylor to speak in the House of Lords on Monday 27th June. To give a picture of how their work actually helps on the front line of education, how finance is an obstacle that they have been able to address and the benefits of such charitable interventions. This is a small part of what is a bigger picture of Inclusion to Equity national picture, but still a very important one.

The DPA have worked with large ICT companies who have donated the Lap tops, Curry’s has been one of these, as a company they have provided thousands of Laptops across the county, Lever Park has been one of the schools to benefit.

We are very grateful to all in the scheme, particularly to the hard work of the people at DPA and to providers such as Curry’s.